Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things to Lookout For :D

Wow, I'm getting pretty bad at updating this, aren't I? Truth is, I've been running around with the completion of my internship in New York, a job in Jersey, potential job in New York, and FINALLY getting back in shape, that it's taken me the entire month to read 2 books! Not that I'm complaining, I fully enjoyed David Fleming's With and Without Class, and while I have another 50 pages, I have no doubt that I'll enjoy the conclusion to Cassandra Clare's City of Bones. If I were reading this blog, I'd expect/demand posts reviewing these two books within the next week- my goal is by the end of February.

I also plan on revamping my bookshelf pages on my blog, making them more user-friendly and navigable (is this even a word?!) This way, you can click a book and pull up my review of it (assuming it's been reviewed), or at the least there'll be a more understandable list up, with a rating next to it so you can tell whether I enjoyed it or not.

When I first started this blog, I didn't expect it to actually gain followers, nor did I expect to have authors requesting that I read and review their novels. This was just something for me to post and rant about how I felt regarding what I was reading. I'm so pleased that people have noticed this, and that my reading addiction has become influential to other people. Makes me feel just a little more important, you know? Anyway, expect those two posts and the bookshelf updates soon, and if anyone has any comments, suggestions, or book recommendations, feel free to leave a comment here or elsewhere on my blog.

Thanks bunches!!
Justin :D

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