Monday, November 5, 2012

SP4: Tom Edison and His Amazing Telegraphic Harpoon by Jay Lake

I'm thinking this is one of my favorite stories of Steampunk November so far.. And yes, this is yesterday's post :P

Tom Edison, an inventor, is traveling west aboard the City of Hoboken, a magnificent steamship. Until, that is, a Nephilim appears and prepares for attack. How will the ship's passengers battle a Biblical creature? Because, of course, that clearly could happen.

This was my favorite 'anarchic mashup' of this anthology so far. The moral of this story? Science and technology trump mythology and religion, any day of the week. Very interesting combination of steampunk and a (fictional) religious creature (the Nephilim strikes me as a dark angel, or a demon of some sort. I'm really picturing the dark angel from the movie Legion). Not what I had thought this story would be about, based on the title, but it was a pleasant surprise.

PS, LOVE the fact that James referenced New Jersey, and Hoboken in particular. Tom Edison would have invented something badass like a telegraphic harpoon. :)

- Justin

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