Monday, November 5, 2012

SP3: Icebreaker by E. Catherine Tobler

This was quite the story. Muriel Brennan, grieving for her deceased inventor husband J.J., sets out for the Antarctic to cremate his body. And also to visit, you know, the ice. Of course, this isn't OUR Antarctic, but an alternate universe, and the icy terrain is wrought with horrors unique to this story. All the while, Muriel hides the secret of J.J.'s life, the clockwork heart that prolonged his life and that she now keeps close to her own heart. And hides from Mr. Plenty, a reporter who tags along on the ship in an effort to gather a news-worthy article about the death of the renowned inventor.

I just couldn't help enjoying the fantasy and adventure elements that "Icebreaker" had (separate elements from steampunk, obviously). This story was very unique and inventive, and continues showing me that the steampunk genre isn't just goggles and cogs and clockwork (it is, however, still part of it). It's about envisioning a different past, or a different future, with Victorian elements and steam machinery, of course, but also with different morals and traditions and beliefs. Muriel is a widowed dwarfess, who really only got her wish of taking her husband's remains to the Antarctic because of who HE was; women aren't looked on as equals in Tobler's universe. I assume, at least. There are only two women in this entire story.

So, I'm enjoying my foray into the world of steampunk. Hopefully I'll be ready for the convention in May when it comes to the Garden State :)

- Justin

PS brief update; I did in fact start NONFICTION NOVEMBER as well, with The Rise of Rome by Anthony Everitt. I'm enjoying the book so far, and am pleased to be actually learning something informative and factual, it feels pretty good. And yes, I'll continue capitalizing NONFICTION NOVEMBER. It's my blog, and I enjoy using caps lock, so there. :)

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