Saturday, July 14, 2012

50 Shades of Grey- A Guy's Perspective

Yeah no. I picked this book up knowing full well what it was about, and what the target demographic was, but wanting to be able to leave a review for those people who are looking for something other than rave reviews by almost every female who's read it. I, a guy, read this book hoping to see just what all the hype was and to leave a truthful review from the 1% of the demographic that isn't female. Honestly, this was pure unadulterated smut, and I'm rather upset that it's a bestselling paperback novel week after week.

50 Shades of Grey has sold as well as the Harry Potter series, if not better. And that is truly terrifying. This book is clearly an author's first attempt at writing; the style is sophomoric at best. As for the plot, yes I understand that this book was meant to cater to women (it started out as a Twilight fan fiction, after all). I had just hoped for better. The whole story was about Ana trying to change Christian, and bring him 'into the light' and become what she's looking for. Not to stereotype or sound to chauvinistic, but that is just typical. Can't she accept him for who he is and what he likes, or just move on and find someone else? Oh and also, what virgin gives it up within a couple weeks of meeting somebody? I feel like if you hold on for that long waiting for the right time, maybe you should wait till you know somebody a little longer than that. Sheesh. And while we're on that topic, how many people went from innocent virgin to willing participant in BDSM activities? This plot was less realistic than The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

This book gets points for not attempting to be anything more than what it actually is. EL James (I hope) doesn't expect to win any Pulitzer prize for this book, and I think the majority of the world knows what kind of smut this is. I'm just disappointed in this book becoming such a bestselling craze. What happened to the days when the bestseller list included good books, or even classic stories? This is a ridiculous addition to the likes of Harry Potter, The Night Circus, and any and all Stephen King and James Patterson novels, and I'm more disappointed in society for this book's success than I am for Snooki being allowed to pen not one, but three books.

There is no truer statement to describe this book

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