Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Song of Susannah by Stephen King

Not incredibly pleased with this book, but at least I'm now only one book away from FINALLY finishing this blasted series. This wasn't my favorite, it was definitely not the worst either.

Mia-Susannah are going into labor with their demon child, which of course means Mia took over and they're now stuck in an alternate New York. Roland and Eddie are back in the 70's, and Jake and Pere Callahan are right behind Mia-Susannah in 1999.

So. Damn. Confusing.

Multiple people in one mind, alternate times and places, the Dogan, the Dark Tower, and now vampires and even Stephen King as his own story's character?!?! My brain hurts. At this point, I'm still enjoying reading the books but I seriously cannot wait for all these confusing parts, and all the loose ends, to finally be tied up in the final installment of the series.

Oh, and I look forward to seeing more of the other characters. Obviously Susannah is important in their quest for the Dark Tower, but even her name in this title didn't prepare me for the lack of all other characters and plot lines besides hers. But I just don't think she's as interesting as the other members of the ka-tet.. Oh well, we'll see what the conclusion has in store for all of them!


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