Monday, October 17, 2011

"The Screaming Skull" by F. Marion Crawford

*Shivers* this story was quite terrifying, and I have to say that I'm pretty sure it was a combination of leaving the story's action till the end, and also that this story was told in stream of consciousness. I could very clearly hear "The Screaming Skull" being read out loud to me as if I was speaking with Captain Braddock, our narrator. Very well done, and I had some high expectations for this story already! I mean, it IS the name of this collection of stories, after all.

I just couldn't help but feel sorry for Mrs. Pratt. Of course her soul would want to get revenge against her husband, and the man who planted the idea of her murder in his head. I'm sure boiling lead is not the most pleasant way to die, drugged or not. And while I could see this from her perspective, I also felt bad for Braddock, who unintentionally became involved in this woman's death, and therefore became the victim of supernatural harassment, being tormented by this screaming skull of Mrs. Pratt. It's not his fault, and I did feel kind of bad that his life was filled with this angry, vengeance-seeking soul.

Usually, I have at least one or two gripes with these stories, but I really don't think I have any for "The Screaming Skull". Not that it was the best written thing I've read my entire life, but I was really pleased with this story. Kind of a 'Tell-Tale Heart' with a little twist. Ooh, and maybe if I have time, I'll read some more Poe this month now that I'm thinking of it.. Decisions decisions :)

- Justin

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