Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"No. 252 Rue M. Le Prince" by Ralph Adams Cram

Quick review, since I'm not really feeling 100% and wanna get to bed :P

This was quite a page turner of a story, and I found myself just as paralyzed with fear as the narrator during the climax of the story. It's very evident that Cram has architectural skill, because the descriptions of the Rue M. le Prince were phenomenal. I could see them insanely vividly in my head, and it certainly added to the story itself. I have to wonder though, where this curse came from. Was it Mademoiselle Blaye de Tartas, back from the grave to continue her black magic? Or was it the grumpy Sar Torrevieja, the "King of the Sorcerers", and his curse upon the property after it was not bequeathed to him upon Mlle's death? Very mysterious..

I am a big fan of this story; the descriptions and plot flowed seamlessly and nothing was lost throughout the fantastic descriptions of the property. It's nice when a story keeps moving, but you get enough detail to envision being in the story as well as reading it. Bravo, Monsieur Cram.

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow to get a full review in of "The Striding Place", the next story in this anthology. Additionally, I really want to get my thoughts on Throne of Jade and Warm Bodies on here soon.. If all else fails, they'll be posted next week after my midterms are FINALLY over.

- Justin!

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