Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Huguenin's Wife" by M. P. Shiel

This story was much earlier in the collection I'm reading from, and I suppose I just managed to skip it by mistake. No matter, I got back to it and that's all that matters. And frankly, I wouldn't have really missed out by not reading this story.

Upon receiving an odd letter from his friend Huguenin, our narrator travels from London to Delos, Greece, to attempt to help his friend get back in touch with reality. He is truly out of it, speaking of the island in regard to ancient gods and basically pulling out Greek apocalypse stuff. Stuff about Delos sinking from sight, and other assorted things. Naturally, he got all this ideology from his deceased wife Andromeda, an eerie looking woman who was rather insane herself. They didn't even love each other. Sheesh.

I don't know, I really wasn't feeling this story for one reason or another.. It's not that it was poorly written; I just didn't feel like I could really relate to, or feel for, these characters. I liked the concept of 'bringing back the [Greek] gods', and it would have been cool for these mythological elements to have played a different role. A feathered cheetah is probably indicative of one of the gods, but I don't know which. And I didn't really understand most of this story. Did he kill his wife? Is that why he dies in the end? What's this nonsense with the animals? And the red silk that leads Huguenin throughout this house? I don't get it. There are still too many questions, and for all this religious and philosophical discussion I just wasn't feeling it.

Hopefully tomorrow's story is better. And also, hopefully I finish getting all my book reviews posted. I still have to write two for Warm Bodies and The Last Werewolf. And now, I finally have some free time to get those taken care of! Huzzah!


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