Saturday, October 8, 2011

"The Death of Halpin Frayser" by Ambrose Bierce

Meh, I wasn't really a fan of this story, mostly because the ending was so sporadic and confusing. Basically, this is the story of a man and the love he had for his mother which bordered on disturbingly romantic; Freud would have had a field day with Ambrose Bierce as a patient. What really bothered me about this story was that it's essentially two different stories, that just so happen to dovetail at the very end, by Bierce giving some of his characters second names that coincide with the second 'sub-story' in the story. It was written well enough, and I found it somewhat creepy and fun to read, but it's not really something that would compel me to read any of Bierce's other works.

I did, however, feel bad for Halpin Frayser, being 'shanghaied' into work as a sailor during his trip to California, and the subsequent years of being marooned on an island and kept so far away from his beloved mother. Kind of sad, and easy to relate to when you consider all the US soldiers shipped overseas after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. There are obviously some glaring differences, in that our soldiers joined the military voluntarily, understanding the risks of being separated from loved ones in times of need, but you get the point. They miss each other. That's what I was going for with that reference.

All in all, I guess this story was okay.. I might also just be biased because I read this story while tired and cranky, and in that kind of mood nothing would have escaped my mind without thorough criticism. Hopefully I'll have a better story to read tomorrow! (and hopefully I get my book reviews up too! I have to review two books now, Warm Bodies and Throne of Jade. So, I sincerely hope I'm more productive tomorrow than I was today..

- Justin! (again!)

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  1. Could you do a synopsis on this one? I was really confused....Thanks!